Below are just some of the features that make Masonic Calling stand out.

caller id

You Control the Caller ID

With Masonic Calling you can control the phone number that appears on the caller ID! This way all calls look like they are coming directly from you or your lodge.

voice mail

Proprietary Voicemail Detection

Our proprietary voicemail and answering machine detection system is state of the art! It will ensure that if a lodge brother does not answer, your message will be left on their voicemail.


Text Message & Email Broadcasting

To cover all communication options, Masonic Calling offers text message (SMS) and email delivery of your messages! Text and email are free on all accounts. You also have unlimited use of these features as well!


Detailed Broadcast Reports

Within seconds after sending out a voice broadcast you can view a detailed report of all call results. You can easily download the call reports to your PC.

phone system

Phone-In System

You can easily send voice broadcasts while away from your computer by accessing your account from any touch tone phone

Call back number

Change Your Call Back Number

Don’t want to use your number or do not have a lodge phone number? We can provide you with a unique local or toll-free number to use as the caller ID or as a number that your contacts can call to receive a customized message.


Polling and Response

Want to send out a phone poll to see how many brothers can attend the next meeting? Or a phone poll to see who can perform a masonic funeral? With our polling system you can ask a question in your recorded message, let the brothers respond by pressing a numeric key and view the responses directly after the broadcast!

Contact Group

Unlimited Contact Groups

Setup as many contact groups as you would like so that only the brothers that you want to hear a specific message will receive the information. All lodges members, only lodge officers, regular meeting attendees and semi-regular attendees are just a few examples of contact groups.

We are all brother Masons and we go the extra mile for you! This is how we do it:

free trail

Free To Try & Use

Masonic Calling is completely free to try and use. Just create your account and try it out!


Great Customer Support

Our customer support team is always here to help! Call us toll free at 1-888-778-9464.

Data Secure

Your Data Is Safe & Secure

All of your personal information and phone numbers will never be released or sold. All of your information is strictly yours and kept under full 128-bit encryption.

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