How It Works?

If you are 3 years old or 133 years old, we have made setting up a call fun and simple!

Setting Up a Masonic Call Is Easy!

Using the Setup A Call tab in the control panel, you can setup a call to your masonic brothers in minutes.

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Manage Your Contacts

From your My Contacts tab you can easily add, remove or edit your member list. Our call group features allow for unlimited amount of groups so you can send your message only to the brothers you want to receive it.

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Manage Your Recordings

Recordings are messages created by a lodge member that is broadcasted to brothers of the lodge. There are 2 different options for creating recordings and you can add, modify or delete recordings anytime from anywhere

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Detailed Call Reports

After your calls have been sent out, you can receive complete breakdowns of your call status. You’ll be able to see which calls were picked up, which ones went to voicemail and if there were any numbers with problems, such as invalid or disconnected phone numbers. You can even download your call reports into a spreadsheet.

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Create your own Masonic Calling account

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