What and Why?

What are the benefits of using Masonic Calling for the lodge?

The benefits of Masonic Calling’s voice and text broadcasting service are extraordinary and include the following:

What are the benefits of using Masonic Calling for the lodge?

  • Every brother hears the same exact voice message from a lodge officer, eliminating the miscommunication and other unintentional mistakes of the old phone tree method
  • Record and rerecord messages as many times as necessary until the information is conveyed effectively before sending out the message to all the brothers
  • Brothers can now expect and rely on receiving a reminder of upcoming meetings
  • Follow up all voice broadcasts with a text message for brothers who prefer or find text messaging more convenient to receive their information and reminders.

A variety of ways for brothers to receive their information and reminders

  • Voice broadcast to any telephone number
  • Text messaging to any cell phone
  • Email of any voice broadcast for those who opt out of phone communications
  • Or members can use all three services to stay connected and make sure they do not miss anything!

Unlimited use of all services and features

  • MasonicCalling.com not only helps you grow and revitalize your lodge, it also gives you unlimited service to keep up with all these new communications
  • We’ve made our services simple and all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about hidden charges for extra features like our competitors

A MAJOR time saver for the lodge!

  • Collection of dues from the brother
    • Send out a voice broadcast and text message to all brothers announcing their dues amount, deadlines and accepted methods of payment
    • Tell the system who has paid and they’ll be instantly removed from follow-up messages. Let the system repeat the process until all your dues are collected!
    • There is no need to print and send multiple reminders through the mail and no more mailing lists to keep current. Masonic Calling gives you instant delivery and complete tracking so you can see who has received your notices. Masonic Calling gives you a full report of everything!
    • By effectively using the service , the lodge will increase the money received from dues and keep brothers active
  • A MAJOR MONEY saver for the lodge!
    • Reduce or cut out mailing cost by switching to a quarterly newsletter or only send out updates via voice broadcasting service
    • Reduce or cut out mailing cost associated with collection of dues (discussed above)
    • Collect a much larger quantity of the dues without having to end membership for brothers who did not pay
  • Unfortunate Illness and Funerals
    • Every lodge knows how difficult it is to inform all members when one of the brothers is suffering from health issues that may need prayers and other support. Even more difficult is informing the brothers of an upcoming funeral and lining up enough brotherly members to perform a masonic funeral
    • This process becomes immediately more efficient by using the voice broadcasting and text messaging service to announce all unfortunate situations and line up the necessary brothers to handle the masonic funeral
    • Better yet, the polling function (see above) takes the process of lining up a masonic funeral and turns it from extremely difficult and time consuming to simplistic and worry free!
  • Polling
    • Want to send out a phone poll or acquire responses from the lodge members? With our polling system you can ask specific questions in your recorded message, let the brothers respond by pressing a numeric key, and view their responses in your call reports!

    A great example of this feature is that Polling lets lodge officers send out a voice broadcast to see who can attend a masonic funeral. All brothers can respond by touchtone phone to let the lodge leadership know if they can be part of the masonic funeral. All the information that is collected will be immediately available in a report for follow up!

    • The lodge officer can then send out another voice broadcast directed at those who replied “Yes” announcing the next steps or he can follow up individually with each brother. It’s that simple!
    • Polling can also be used for lodge meeting attendance, special events or to vote on particular orders of business
  • Unlimited Calling/Texting Groups
    • Easily upload the lodge’s full list of brothers into our system. If you encounter any issues, Masonic Calling will do it for you!
    • Then create special groups to help you best utilize Masonic Calling’s service to increase attendance, target the correct individuals for your message and to effectively promote new membership
    • Examples of calling groups that lodges are using are:
      • Complete list of all brothers
      • Current lodge officers
      • Past Worshipful Masters
      • Regular attenders of lodge meetings
      • Semi-regular attenders of lodge meetings
      • Brothers who have not attended in a year or longer
      • Increased Attendance at Meetings, Fundraisers, Special Events and Funerals
  • Announce all upcoming lodge meetings directly to the brothers phone
  • Announce all lodge special events and fundraisers on a schedule: months in advance, one month ahead, two weeks before and a few days prior to the event to ensure maximum exposure and attendance
  • Take a Poll prior to a meeting, special event or fundraiser to start getting lodge members to commit to showing up and benefiting the Masons. This also helps when deciding how much food to prepare!
    • Send a voice message or text anytime, anywhere!
    • Wherever members have phone or internet access, a message can be immediately delivered to them in minutes!
    • Never worry about not being able to get the word out about cancellations, bad weather or other last-minute changes in plans
    • You control the caller ID!
    • Any number that the lodge verifies in the system can be used and show on the caller ID to all brothers! This ensures that the brothers always know who is contacting them and results in more answered calls. Brothers can also call the lodge back if they have a question.
  • Tremendous Reporting!
    • Track all voice and text broadcasts immediately after a campaign finishes to see how many brothers answered the phone, how many received a voicemail or if there are any bad numbers in the system
    • Targeting bad numbers is an easy first step in updating your database with up-to-date phone numbers to ensure more efficient use of future announcements.
  • Automated Voicemail Detection
    • AccurateAMD is our propriety voicemail and answering machine detection system that automatically waits until the end of a brother’s voicemail message to leave the lodge’s message!
    • Masonic Calling will attempt to reach the member three times. If no one answers, then the system will leave the message on the voicemail.
  • Two-Way Text Messaging!
    • You can also send out any important information to the brothers via text message through our system!
    • Brothers can even respond by text. You can view all of these responses at once in your account’s back office! This is great for lining up a team for a masonic funeral, find out who will be attending the next meeting and much more!
  • Mobile Apps!
    • If you own an iPhone or Android device you can download our mobile app which makes all the system features easily available anywhere
  • No Contracts!
    • And best of all, there are no contracts!
    • Though it can take 6 to 12 months of truly and effectively using the service to see the tremendous results that are possible with this service, you are never obligated to a minimum commitment. We are confident that you will be impressed with our service immediately and that the rewards will only increase during the first year of use.

WHY is Masonic Calling Necessary for all Lodges?

Disconnect In Communication:

Effective and timely communication is a major issue for lodges everywhere. Getting updates out to the members in a timely fashion can be difficult. Import updates can be lost in the mail, or never opened or misunderstood. But now there is a tool that can ensure that these things never happen again without losing that personal touch that is so vital to a lodge’s vitality.

Attendance is Staggeringly Low in Most Lodges

It is no secret to most lodge members that attendance is a consistent challenge. Keeping members active and involved has become almost a full-time job. Now with Masonic Calling all members can be reminded of all meetings, events, special occasions and funerals instantly. If used correctly attendance will almost certainly rise dramatically!

Membership is Declining at a Rapid Pace:

With most of our members getting older it is vital to continue to bring in new younger members to carry on the Masonic tradition. Younger members want to see progress and better use of technology while older members want to see a commitment to the values of the Masons. Masonic Calling does just that.

The US Masonic Organization has had declining national membership numbers since 1959 when membership was over 4.1 million.. The membership in 2009 is about a third of that number and falling. Over the last 50 years the US Masonic Organization has lost an estimated 2,700,000 members! This is an average membership loss of 53,983 members a year! At this rate, the US Masonic Organization will be extinct by the year 2035. Effective measures to increase membership are urgently necessary. Masonic Calling won’t solve all membership issues, but it is a powerful tool to help your lodge head in the right direction!

Still wondering why 1000’s of people and organizations rely on Masonic Calling?

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